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  • Famous footwear
    Famous footwear

    famous footwearIt seems like that it is not only Kim Kardashian who really like Skechers. The famous footwear also sits on a lot of celebrites childrens feet. On the picture is Heidi Klum with her daughter Lou wearing Skechers footwear.

    The most famous footwear must be Skechers Twinkle Toes. They are so popular that they made a movie about them.

    Famous footwear is spotted where?

    Skechers has been using celebrites for a long time in order to get a trendy brand. Among those are:

    • Brandy
    • Britney Spears
    • Christina Aguilera
    • The Black Eyed Peas
    • Ashlee Simpson
    • Carrie Underwood
    • David Cook
    • Robert Downey Jr.
    • Rob Lowe
    • Matt Dillon
    • Joe Montana

    Skechers are also getting more and more spokespersons about there shoes. The children of these celebrites are mostly also using Skechers shoes.

    Read more about celebrities in Skechers footwear

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  • Skechers Shape Ups
    Skechers Shape Ups

    skechers-shape-upsSkechers Shape Ups are proberbly best know for the commercials about activating muscles and developing better balance. In some cases they can even help loose weight. It sound almost to good to be true. According to some U.S. customers, Skechers Shape Ups did not live up to the deal. Skechers made a $40 million agreement with the Federal Trade Commission because the TV ads was misleading compared to what customers in real live experienced.

    How can i use Skechers Shape Ups

    Well, i would not recommend these for weight loss. We kind of made that clear. But, nevertheless, Skechers Shape Ups are very comfortable if you need to walk long distances. They take some time to get used to, but when you get used to that roll on every step that you take, you will just love them. Usually, walking that way is not good for us, but because of those big soles, your feet just does not get sore. Walking is almost fun to do now.

    There is one downside. Skechers Shape Ups are more heavy then other shoes, so in the beginning you will probably get tired. But that is only in the beginning. Skechers is selling these as a “fitness shoe”, but if you ask me, these shoes can only be used as walking shoes. Do not think that you can use them for running or as shoes for the fitness center. It is way to dangerous to use them for running. However, again, they are great for walking. I could easily think myself using these to a big conference.

    So get a pair of Skechers Shape Ups, not because you want to loose weight or get a better posture, but because they are fun to use.

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  • Shoes for nurses
    Shoes for nurses

    Shoes for nursesShoes for nurses can’t be any type of shoes. Nurses need shoes that you can wear for a long time. Nurses sometimes work to up to 12 hours in a row. Also, these shoes needs to be easy to clean. It is importent for that are working at a hospital, that their shoes are clean so nurses don’t spread any kind of bacteria or dirt.

    What to consider when choosing shoes for nurses

    There different things to consider. Some nurses choose to use running shoes, but they do not give the comfort that you may think. Try standing up in your running shoes for 12 hours every day for a week. So, here are some good advice:

    • The lighter, the better
    • Find shoes where your feet can breathe
    • Do not get open-toe shoes

    Also, think about that you may drop something. So, if you are working with sharp instruments or needles, you might want to take under consideration.

    Shoes for nurses are hard to find and it takes a lot of time. You can ask a lot people for advise and you will get a lot of great answers. The best way to find the best shoes is to try them yourself. Feet are almost like a fingerprint, so your feet are most likely not the same as someone else. So you will be needing two different kind af shoes. It will also be a good idea to have two or sometimes three pairs of shoes, so your feet get a variation.

    Shoes for nurses can be very expensive, but it is not always that the most pricey shoes are the best. Most offen, you can settle for less. Think about that when you shopping for your shoes.

    We have great selection in shoes for nurses. Take a look -> Shoes for nurses

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